Board-Certified Credit Consultant, Coach & Real Estate Guru

Credit repair is one of the most tainted industries in the country.

This is widely because of social media and other marketing platforms that allow people without the proper knowledge, skills or experience to obtain a large following without any valid credentials.




Financial literacy and credit are not taught in schools or colleges. This translate to many adults making poor credit decisions based on inaccurate information and lack of knowledge. Many credit repair companies have a business model that keeps their clients in the dark about their credit. There is no education or strategy provided. This is a predatory, but not illegal practice. It keeps clients constantly in need of services because they don’t understand how credit works, how lenders view their scores, or how to maintain their credit when it’s been repaired. Their behaviors have not changed. The solution to long term financial success, legacy and breaking generational cycles of poverty is to give consumers the knowledge, resources, tools and education to grow, make better credit choices and to invest.



Purpose – I have a personal testimony that demonstrates the power of leveraging credit to not only impact your life, but to create legacy and break generational cycles of poverty. This is not just a business for me, it’s a passion and calling to educate people about financial literacy so they can strategically use credit to build wealth.


Experience – I’m one of only a handful of people across the nation that provide credit consulting services to consumers that has worked for a bureau previously. I’ve literally updated thousands of credit profiles from consumers across the USA.


Skill – I’m Board Certified and Credit Score Certified. This means I’m part of the National Credit Consultants Association that recognizes trained and creditable professionals in the credit repair industry. Many “credit specialist” who are working on consumers reports do not have this certification.


Results – Not many credit consultants are endorsed by lenders, other businesses, or real estate professionals. Due to our purpose driven system, and desire to empower the community we serve, we’ve grown to be a trusted brand in this industry. Our credibility and results have earned us endorsements and referrals from lenders, brokers, realtors, and countless organizations nationally.


My Story:

  • Teen mom at the age of 17

  • Foster care & group homes due to both parents struggling with addiction

  • Was told that I would not graduate high school and be on welfare by everyone around me

  • I went on to graduate high school on time, and purchase my first home at the age of 21 while only making $14/hour due to my credit

  • Now, I’ve retired myself from corporate America, I have two degrees from Villanova University, and I own a consulting firm that helps thousands of people across the nation to repair and leverage their credit

  • Single mother of three (3 sons), business owner, investor, coach, and YouTuber

  • Board Certified Credit Consultant & Certified Credit Score Consultant


Understanding & Repairing

Your Personal Credit

What's Included – Exclusive training from a Board Certified Credit Consultant and Certified Credit Score Consultant. Additional resources to help with credit education. Bi-Weekly support calls via Zoom/FB Live in a private FB group to answer your questions, share testimonials and give tips.


What You Will Learn – You will learn how to read and understand your personal credit reports, your credit scores, and what creditors use to evaluate the “risk” in lending to you.

  1. What is credit

  2. Why credit is important to you

  3. Credit reports and where to obtain a copy of your report

  4. Consumer disclosure reports vs Tri-merge reports

  5. Installment and revolving credit

    • Credit Builder Accounts

  6. Soft and hard inquiries

  7. Public Records

  8. Consumer statements

  9. Credit monitoring

  10. FICO scores and Vantage score

  11. Credit utilization ratios

  12. Debt-to-income ratios

  13. Student loans

  14. Negative credit

    • Late payments

    • Collections / Charge-offs

    • Bankruptcy

    • Foreclosure

    • Repossessions

  15. Credit disputes and the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

    • “Credit Sweep”

    • LexisNexis

    • Sagestream

    • Innovis

    • ARS


How To Establish

Business Credit

What's Included – Exclusive training from a Board Certified Credit Consultant and Certified Credit Score Consultant. Guides on preferred vendors who assist with building business credit, access to additional monthly training videos when you subscribe to our website, and a no cost direct funding evaluation from our team when you’re ready to apply for business credit.


What You Will Learn  You will learn the fundamentals of building business credit profiles for your EIN number not linked to your personal social security number. This includes how to focus on key areas of your business to make it low risk to lenders.

  1. What is business credit

  2. Why business credit is important

  3. What business credit is used for

  4. How personal credit impacts your ability to obtain business credit

  5. Business credibility

    1. Business Name

    2. Business Licenses

    3. Federal EIN

    4. Physical Address

    5. Separate Business Phone

    6. 411 Directory

    7. Business Fax

    8. Business Website

    9. Professional Email

    10. Public Records

  6. Business credit bureaus

  7. What is a DUNS number

  8. Business credit scores

  9. Know what lenders want - Three “C’s” of Business Credit – Credit, Cashflow, Collateral

  10. Establishing a good bank rating

  11. Getting approved for vendor credit

  12. Getting approved for store credit

  13. Getting approve for cash credit

  14. Funding programs cheat sheet

  15. Mistakes to avoid


Personal Statement

When you look at someone, you never know their story. When you start to achieve levels of success, your outer appearance is always polished. The focus is on what you’ve accomplished, but not on why.

My story starts with parents who both struggled with addiction. This led to me being in foster care, group homes, and ultimately becoming a mother at seventeen. I was broken, confused, and scared most of the time. The truth about our beginning isn’t shared for fear of judgement, ridicule, and even shame.


I’ve learned to not be a victim of your circumstances. Those same scars that tormented me, are the reason why I’ve been able to beat the odds. Becoming a mother at a young age changed my perspective. It gave me a reason why. I promised myself that my son would not grow up under the same conditions as me. I became relentless with my goals.


I graduated on time with the rest of my class and walked the stage with my son on my hip. That was the start of my mind shift that has built the woman I am today. I couldn’t attend college right after high school, so I opted for a certificate program that would give me the computer skills to secure a decent job. Supporting my family was my only objective. I was blessed to find a few positions early on that provided opportunities that changed the entire trajectory of my life. They groomed me.


I learned how to look good on paper which led to the purchase of my first home at the age of twenty-one. I went on to obtain two degrees from Villanova University, and started my own consulting firm in 2016. What started as an idea, eventually manifested into reality as a result of my personal testimony.


As part of my personal growth, I also learned the power of forgiveness. I reconciled my relationship with my biological mother, and had an adult relationship with her that was priceless until she passed in 2017. This taught me the importance of breaking the cycle, and leading by example.


I’m passionate about empowering and educating others about financial literacy and leveraging credit to build wealth because it provides important options. Conversations about investing, saving, building a business, leaving an inheritance, and legacy are not taught often in certain communities. Now, I have clients from all walks of life who hire me for various reasons. The feedback I hear the most is that they weren’t taught about credit or financial literacy in school, college, or from their parents.


I now have three sons who push me to be better and do better daily. I’ve just started to become more comfortable with sharing my story. It matters. My clients are the foundation of my business, but I dedicate time monthly in the community to train and coach. As a business owner, I believe it’s our responsibility to give back. When failure isn’t an option, success is inevitable. I’m living proof.


Program Launch Date:

February 14, 2021


Full Investment: